Former Royal Marine publishes memoirs

A FORMER Lympstone Royal Marine and Falkland’s veteran has had his memoirs released by a major publisher.

A FORMER Lympstone Royal Marine and Falkland’s veteran has had his memoirs released by a major publisher.

Ian Robinson, 48, who now lives in Australia, has seen his autobiography ‘In the Name of Christ’ released to rave reviews.

But despite the title the 225-page book does not have a religious tone and it focuses primarily on Ian’s life experiences

The book, his second work, takes you from when his proud parents travelled from North Northumberland in 1982 to the Commando Training Centre to watch his Green Beret passing out parade and his seven years in the service where he travelled to Borneo, Cyprus, Falklands’ and the Arctic.“I would have been very selfish if I had not shared my unique experiences with others and felt that the only way I could do that was by writing about them in an exciting new book” he said.

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The Royal Marines website describes Ian as ‘one of this world’s larger than life characters’ who has a ‘deep down boy’s own love of adventure’.

“The book itself is about strength of character and the many people I have met during my journey through life,” he said.

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“What I have really done is go back in time ... on reflection I realise what great people they were and what wonderful stories they had to tell.

“I have relived my life again in words.”

Like all aspiring authors Ian had to go through a battle before Pegasus Publishers would even accept his manuscript, a two year process, and how he had to convince editor David Newstead that it was a best seller.

And a best seller it could be as it covers a lot of ground taking the reader through both the humorous and ‘not so good times’ .

“On reflection of my life I realised that I was always in the perfect place at the perfect time. It was as though I was being moulded on an anvil, whether it be in the searing heat in Cyprus working with the SAS or up in the Arctic Circle in Norway in the freezing cold. It has been these and many more experiences that, to be honest, I believe I have been moulded into just to write this book.”

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