Foolish cafe plan

Like very many people of Exmouth, the town of my birth, I wish to add my objection to the proposed 92-seat cafe intended to be sited at the Rolle Street end of The Strand.

I had mixed feelings when the project began, but now believe that will become a popular spot to for tourists and locals alike to relax in and enjoy.

It is already good to see people walking across the square from all directions and it has enhanced both the memorial and the facades of many attractive buildings that went virtually unnoticed beforehand.

The proposed caf� would, to a large extent, obliterate the views now opened up. Furthermore, there are sufficient rate paying cafes around the square, as well as in the town, without inviting more to their detriment.

To add this proposed cafe would be a decision, in my opinion, akin to and as foolish as having granted a licence to the cheap booze shop on the opposite corner to the National Westminster bank.

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While on the subject, we notice that, on several occasions and in the evening, skate boarders are given freedom to leap from ground to seats and vice versa. I think it will be a pity if this is allowed to continue, as much damage will be done, both materialistically and to the peace of the town.

If another cafe is required, why not have one down the end of Queen’s Drive near Orcombe Point? The platform on which one previously stood still exists in, apparently, good condition. Hundreds of people are seen to frequent that area throughout the year.

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Mrs L M Cawsey

58 St Andrews Road, Exmouth.

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