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Our family enjoyed a lovely sandwich and drink sitting outside the Crusty Cob, watching the skateboarders practising in the Strand Gardens.

It was a sunny day and was good to see this wonderful space being used by everyone, including the younger people of Exmouth.

Fresh air and exercise are sadly lacking in many children’s lives as they stay indoors playing electronic games, or become bored outdoors and resort to anti-social behaviour.

Why can’t skateboarding be encouraged, but with a few ground rules? My younger children were really inspired by watching the skateboarding and have been practising at home.

Given the article in the Journal “Fears over cannabis use in Phear Park”, I would disagree that Phear Park is always a suitable alternative.

You may also want to watch:

Instead of “no skateboarding,” why not “more skateboarding, but follow the rules!”

Yvonne Mackey

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