Exmouth man left jobless after Flybe collapse vows to ‘soldier on’


Flybe - Credit: Theo Moye

An Exmouth man who lost his job – along with 14 others from his section – in the Flybe collapse said he is ‘frustrated’ and ‘sad’ over the airline’s sudden demise.

Sean Corbitt has been left jobless after the collapse of airline operator Flybe. Picture: The Corbit

Sean Corbitt has been left jobless after the collapse of airline operator Flybe. Picture: The Corbitt family - Credit: Archant

Sean Corbitt, who was catering manager for the Flybe Training Centre in Exeter, was made jobless overnight after the airline announced it had entered into administration.

The 51-year-old, who has a young family, has vowed to 'soldier on' and find new work, but express his sympathy to those who have been forced to search for a fresh career.

Mr Corbitt said he worked for Belfast-based catering company Mount Charles, whose only South West contract was with Flybe.

He said: "I am not sitting here, crying into my teacup.

"You pick yourself up.

"From my perspective, it is frustrating because it was a nice place to work.

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"It's sad that the building will be boarded up - it's a real shame because the business could have been successful."

Mr Corbitt said in the days leading up to the announcement, the books at the Flybe Training Centre appeared 'quite healthy' and the venue's conference rooms - which he and his team provided food for - were booked out by staff and outside bodies up to three months in advance.

He said: "We have two £13milllion flight simulators being used continuously - they were fully booked."

However, Mr Corbitt said it was a 'well-known' fact how much the airline was losing in money each week. This was worsened by the outbreak of coronavirus - which was blamed for the airline's collapse in an email circulated to staff by CEO Mark Anderson on Thursday morning.

Mr Corbitt said: "I did not find out until yesterday morning.

"I was told to inform my team to produce the expected amount of food. From 9.30am yesterday morning, we ended up catering for the staff that were there.

"There was lot of upset people, and I have empathy for them.

"It's a big shock.

"Fortunately, I have got a good skillset that is easily transferable, but I am sure a couple of people will struggle. It was a tough day for them yesterday."

Since the announcement of Flybe's collapse, airlinesLoganair and Aurigny have confirmed they will be operating flights to and from Exeter Airport.