Fly tippers could face prison

FLY-tippers in East Devon could face prison if caught.

Among the materials recently dumped were three piles of asbestos sheeting- altogether, about half a tonne of asbestos has been picked up by East Devon’s REACT team.

A spokesman for East Devon District Council said: “Fly-tipping can lead to heavy penalties for the perpetrator if they are caught and dumping of asbestos is an offence.

“Those responsible should be warned that they could be liable to a heavy fine or even imprisonment. Fly-tippers often leave behind clues as to their identity so we are hopeful of catching the culprits. We would also ask the public to notify us if they see any illegal dumping in the countryside”.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to ensure that the person they employ is disposing of the waste in the correct manner.

You should always check that the person you employ has a waste carrier’s licence, and they must give you copies of the waste transfer documents for any waste, garden cuttings or rubbish they take from you. The spokesman added: “Please think carefully about who you employ to do those odd jobs around the house. The cost of clearing illegal fly-tipped waste is borne by us all through our Council Tax.”