Flag Day for Exmouth Charity held

CAMPAIGNERS who raised more than �200 at a recent charity Flag Day in the Magnolia Centre, are trying to track down a sympathetic passer-by who dropped everything to give them a helping hand.

The fundraiser raised �227.06 on behalf of Quiet Mind Centre.

The unique centre helps people on low incomes with emotional problems and other illnesses - but they need to raise money to find new premises.

The Flag Day was held by Friends of the Quiet Mind, a group of current and former patients who have vowed to fight to keep the centre open.

Sue Savage said: “It was a great day and we received �227.06 in donations, many thanks to all who helped and all who gave.

“However we do have a missing friend and would like her to contact us.

“She just came up to us and asked to help. We gave her a T shirt to wear and have not seen her since! She did a great job and we still have her watch she asked us to look after.

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“We have some property of hers and would like to give to back!

“We would also like the thank The Shack for their help with our T Shirts.”

The money will add to the �1,500 grant awarded by the town council and help fund the Festival of the Quiet Mind fundraiser in Manor Gardens in August.

Caption: From left Zena Moy, a helpful passer-by and Susan Green.