Fight goes on

PUBLISHED: 07:00 09 March 2013

After reading the article in the Journal of February 14, I am somewhat confused by being informed that the Elizabeth Hall site has been sold.

To my knowledge only a deposit has been paid.

The correct procedure should be after paying a deposit, plans are then submitted for approval or otherwise, which should take three weeks,

Then there’s a three-month period called judicial review for any legal objections to be discussed and, then, and only then, when all objections have been judged to be a fair and above board, payment in full is paid.

What is the proposed sale price of our seafront for ‘sell off’ - I expect we may never know.

The article gave the impression that the deal has been done.

But I can assure you that the deal is far from done, and the fight to save Elizabeth Hall and our Victorian seafront is far from over.

Mr Goff Harris

Via email