Festival organiser steps down

Exmouth Festival organiser Chris Woods is leaving his job with Exmouth Town Council.

Chris, 27, is giving up his post as council arts manager after three years to concentrate full time on his career as an instrumental guitarist.

Chris believes that during his time in charge, the festival has gone from strength to strength.

He said: “When I came into the post the priority for me was to ensure the festival acted to help boost the town.

“Two main focuses became clear; firstly make the festival contribute to Exmouth year round and secondly give ownership of the festival to the community.

“We achieved these aims, and it has left us with a massively successful event that has purpose.”

Moving forward, Chris believes that the main challenge the town faces is to attract more original artists from a wider area on a regular basis.

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“There is no shortage of local original talent, in fact Exmouth is freakishly talented, but fresh original players are so important to make a vibrant scene and, as it stands, original acts from out of town are thin on the ground.

“Unless the people of Exmouth religiously support such things, I’m afraid the outlook isn’t quite as shiny as we would hope.”

Chris says that although his job was sometimes tough, the support of colleagues and the public made it worthwhile.

“On a personal level, trying to do things for the town then experiencing negativity could be really crushing but, the next day I’d be picked up by something someone said in the street or by people around me like John Wokersien.

Although he enjoyed his time with the council, Chris says that he feels his music has to take priority.

“I’m a musician first and foremost and it’s becoming impractical to do that while working for the council.”

“I’m going on a month-long tour in October, and that kind of thing would have been completely unmanageable.”

“I’ve already been to Germany and the United States on tour, and I’m doing very well.”