Exmouth woman attacked after leaving club

AN UPSET Exmouth woman has spoke of how she was subjected to an unprovoked attack after leaving a nightclub during the Christmas period.

Samantha Richards, of Featherbed Lane, was punched repeatedly in the face by a man in the Strand Gardens area at around 2.15am on Thursday, December 30.

The 23-year-old, who had been partying in the Q Club, had her lip bust open and needed a number of stitches at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Miss Richards said the man, who was with a group of approximately four friends, bragged that his was in the army.

She said the random attack spoiled what was a good night out. “It has put off going out again to an extent,” said Miss Richards.

“I will no longer leave a pub or club on my own. In all the times I’ve been out, I have never seen any problems like this where a man has hit a woman.”

Miss Richards said she got talking to the group the attacker was in during the evening.

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“We got involved in a bit of banter and then he suddenly started to randomly hit me. First of all he struck me in the face near my cheek and then in the mouth.

“The group tried to restrain the man but he kept wanting to strike. After he hit my mouth, it bust my lip and blood came bursting out.”

The incident was reported to the police who are now investigating the case.

“I was taken to Exmouth Hospital band then over to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital for stitches.”

Anyone with information about the incident should call Devon and Cornwall police on 08452 277444 quoting crime reference number KE/10/3263.