Exmouth Twinners anniversary

A visit to Langerwehe. Picture: Exmouth Twinning Association

A visit to Langerwehe. Picture: Exmouth Twinning Association - Credit: Exmouth Twinning Association

The Exmouth Twinning Association are celebrating their 50th and 25th twinning anniversaries this year.  

Exmouth celebrate 50 years being twinned with Dinan in France and the 37th anniversary of Twinning with Langerwehe in Germany.  

After having to break off meetings and exchanges for the last two years years due to Covid-19, the Exmouth Twinning Association have now been able to resume with a range of activities with their European counterparts.

They have also recently enjoyed a visit from members of the twinned towns, hosting them in their homes and enjoying a range of activities with them in Exmouth.

Visits are made to Dinan and Langerwehe in alternate years and usually travel by coach to the town where they are then received by their friends to their homes where they are entertained for the four days of the visit.

The twinned town visits Exmouth in the year following.

A family usually receives the family that hosts them in their home before showing them the town. The Mayor of Exmouth (Cllr Steve Gazzard) holds a reception at the town hall for the visiting twinners.

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A spokesperson for the Exmouth Twinning Association told the Journal: “These events are held to promote and foster friendship between the people of Exmouth and district and its twinned towns of Dinan and district in France & Langerwehe and district in Germany. 

"Formal exchanges take place annually, with one trip overseas and one hosting in Exmouth each year.

"The Association also encourages visits by individuals and groups to and from the twinned towns and the development of personal contacts with a view to broadening the mutual understanding of cultural, recreational, educational and commercial activities within the twinned towns."

The Exmouth Twinning Association are a non-political group, which aims to promote friendships in France (Dinan) and Germany (Langerwehe) by reciprocal exchange visits with families every year."

Fundraising for the trips is by means of social evenings and donations in Exmouth as well as individual and family subscriptions each year for members of the group. 

Anyone interested in finding out more about twinning and Exmouth’s links with Dinan in France and Langerwehe in Germany can visit the association's website.