Exmouth to become part of surveillance ‘spider’s web’

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Exmouth TOwn Council have agreed to move to a tender exercise in a bid to upgrade the town’s CCTV network

Exmouth’s CCTV network is set for a £55,000 overhaul after town leaders agreed to move forward with an upgrade scheme.

The town’s 17 cameras look set to be replaced as part of a scheme which would also see Exmouth become part of a ‘spider’s web’ connecting it to all other town’s on the network.

A report to the town council says the scheme is likely to cost around £55,000 based on upgrading all 17 cameras in ‘like-for-like’ locations.

Most of this money will come from a Devon County Council grant, money from an Exmouth-based solar farm project, and cash set aside in the town council’s reserves.

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Speaking at the town council’s April meeting, Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner’s strategy officer David Eaton said the council could also apply for a £15,000 in funding from the PCC.

He said: “From my point of view, Exmouth has a very good deal on table particularly as you have secured potential funding from others which not a lot of councils have been able to do.

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“You are not committing to a fixed annual fee – you might decide that 17 cameras are too many.”

He said Exmouth will be part of a ‘giant spider’s web’ connecting them not only with a central hub in Exeter, but other participating towns.

“The footage created here means that you will not have police coming round requesting to burn off footage that they take away on CD or a memory stick,” said Mr Eaton.

“They will be able to sit at a computer or a laptop in a police station and access whatever footage they need to look at.”

Councillors gave the green light to proceed with the tender exercise for the installation of the cameras and apply to the office of the police and crime commissioner for £15,000 in funding,

They also agreed to work with Exmouth police to identify the best places for the cameras depending on police operational need.

Town mayor Jeff Trail said: “It’s a much needed piece of equipment for the town, for its residents and its visitors.”

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