Couple walking from Exmouth to Swanage in memory of Pippa

Joise Kemp's mum Pippa Stone, who died from cancer

Joise Kemp's mum Pippa Stone, who died from cancer - Credit: Josie Kemp

A woman whose mum died of cancer last year is gearing up to take on a 100-mile walking challenge with her partner for charity. 

Josie Kemp – whose mum Pippa Stone died from cancer in April 2020 – will be joined by partner Lauren Soley in walking the Jurassic Coast from Exmouth to Swanage. 

Josie wanted to do something positive in memory of her mum and is raising funds for Cancer Research UK – a cause close to her heart. 

The pair want to ‘stomp 100 miles, whatever the weather, each step sparing a thought for those who have been affected by this awful illness.’ 

They said: “To be able to raise vital funds for research and to support this incredible charity, which has been struggling through the pandemic, would be truly heartening to us both.” 

Josie’s mum Pippa died 18 days after she had a sudden seizure, caused by an aggressive brain tumour. 

Pippa had just turned 60, she retired a week before her diagnosis and her and her husband, Andrew Kemp, had been planning to travel the world.  

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Lauren, who will be walking alongside Josie to reach their target, also sadly lost her father to a brain tumour.  

Glyn Soley, who died from a brain tumour

Glyn Soley, who died from a brain tumour - Credit: Lauren Soley

The pair, who are from Exeter, will set off from Exmouth on March 13 and aim to arrive in Swanage, Dorset, on March 19. 

The length of their walk is just more than 100 miles and their goal to complete the challenge in seven days, covering as many as 20 miles a day, come rain or shine.  

They said: “it is guaranteed to be a shock in comparison to the 100 daily steps we are currently taking during lockdown - from the sofa to the fridge, and back again – but we’re determined to succeed. 

“It would mean so much to us to be able to contribute to what this great organisation (Cancer Research UK) does.  

“Any donation, big or small, or even a share of this page, will help. Please spread the word to help us go above and beyond our fundraising target.” 

Anyone who wants to donate can visit 

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