EXMOUTH TESCO RAIDER: Step 4 - Armed police arrest Brown

WITH a name, and subsequently an address, the detectives next move was to arrest the suspect.

WITH a name, and subsequently an address, the detectives' next move was to arrest the suspect.

Unable to determine if the weapon used in the raid was real or fake, officers called upon the armed response team to arrest their man.

Exmouth's CID office became a major incident room as officers, dog handlers, and the intelligence team spent the day coordinating the arrest.

On the evening of February 2, New Street was cordoned off as an armed response team swooped. "The only option was to send in a fire arm team," said DS Hall. "It probably looked scary to the members of the public, but it was carried out in a controlled manner with trained officers to make sure the risk to the public, officers and suspect was as small as possible."

Detectives worked through the night questioning Brown. Back at his home, officers carried out a search - lasting several hours - for further evidence.

"They had to make sure nothing was missed," said DS Hall. "We had 24 hours to hold him, unless we could get an extension.

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"We were against the clock. The next day he was charged and remanded in police custody. We were really pleased. We had arrested him one week to the day.