Exmouth supermarket worker proves every little helps

Two Exmouth groups have been given money from Tesco supermarket

A SUPERMARKET worker handed out a cheque apiece to two different Exmouth groups in recognition of the hard work they do in the town’s community.

Helen Joscelyne, from Tesco, in Salterton Road, presented a cheque to Exmouth Gateway Club and The Littleham Family Activity Centre.

Mrs Joscelyne, the store’s community Champion, said the money given to the Gateway Club, which helps adults with learning difficulties live and work in the area, would be used to fund a trip to the Isle of Wight.

“Funding the club receives has been cut recently,” she said.

“The money helps them do a lot activities including this trip away later in the year. It gives them the chance to meet and make friends as well as enjoying themselves.”

Meanwhile, money handed to the Littleham Family Activity Centre on behalf of Tesco will be used to help provide much-needed art and craft materials for the group.

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Mrs Joscelyne said the activity centre provided a safe and nurturing environment for children and their carers to meet, learn and support each other.

She added: “It helps all children mix and enjoy themselves - boosting their confidence and self esteem together with helping the communication skills.

“It was wonderful to see the children playing and interacting together.

“This is a self funding group that helps so many but again is not always recognised, like the Gateway Club, for all the work that they do in our community.”