Exmouth skateboarders: no witch hunt

Enforcement of bye-laws (Skateboarders in The Strand, Exmouth Journal, July 7)

I do hope this will not be a costly witch-hunt against young, bored teenagers, many of whom have little spare money and have very few facilities built for purpose.

We have, I believe, spent around �3 million so far on The Strand, without little thought of this happening.

We do have a skate park already, but it is very much past sell-by date, and out of town.

Our Exmouth regeneration must take this on board and skate along with the young people, if ever we want to cut down on vandalism.

Teignmouth has a much better purpose-built skate park and that town is much smaller than ours.

We did have notices in the Journal regarding the hired ice rink last Christmas in The Strand providing a facility, which turned into a disappointment.

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Six years ago, we were asking for an outdoor skate/roller park for youngsters and pointed out that we were willing to make donations as a community fund to such a scheme to provide Exmouth with a complex built on the recreation ground alongside the estuary, just 200 metres from The Strand.

I should like to add that other town councils have committed themselves to revamping old skate rinks etc, making them into a better environment than what is being used by those youngsters at the moment.

Many have campaigning Rotarians and parents committed to listening to the concerns of people who feel whole families would benefit from a summer and winter outdoor centre, which would enhance Exmouth as a progressive town.

With money available for sport in the community, I hope this problem in The Strand can be easily solved, and the quicker the better.

Alec Huett

Exmouth Quay.