Exmouth school reunion for class of 1987

If you remember permed mullets, shoulder pads and were a student at Exmouth Community College in 1987, you are needed for your school reunion.

Organiser, Dave Smith, is appealing for everyone who was a student at the school in that year to get in touch in a bid to make the event a success.

As well as former pupils, he hopes to track down some of the old teachers and invite them to the event.

The reunion will be held at Exmouth Pavilion in June, 2012, and Dave is keen to hear from as many ex-pupils as possible.

He said: “If you’re not sure if that’s you, 1987 leavers were the last ones to take O-levels before GCSEs came in, and you would have turned 40 between September 2010 and August 2011.

“We really want to get every pupil who left in 1987 to the reunion event, as it’ll be 25 years since we walked out of those gates for the last time.

“So, if you want to catch up with your old schoolmates, you need to call.”

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A Facebook page called ‘People Who Left Exmouth Community College in 1987’ has also been set up.

For more information, call Dave Smith on 07976 038487.

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