Exmouth’s young litter-conscious hero

A HARD-working pupil has been hailed a litter-conscious hero after packing scores of bags with rubbish as he walks to school in Exmouth.

Five-year-old James Lowrie has been filling carrier bags full with litter as he takes a short journey, along with his mum, Julia, from his home in Salterton Road to Marpool Primary, in Moorfield Road.

The youngster has been presented with a certificate from his school in recognition of the good work after police community support officers spotted the youngster and told his teachers.

His action has also prompted East Devon District Council to fit two bins near the academic building.

Head teacher, Rachel Pattison, said: “If everybody cared like he does about the way the community looks, we wouldn’t be having a discussion about litter. Instead, we would have such a beautiful environment to live in.

“When you think he is just five-years-old, what he’s done is amazing. We are extremely proud to have him as a pupil at our school.”

Mrs Pattison added: “He is a litter-conscious hero and has one of the many positive attributes our pupils have here. Hopefully he has encouraged other people to follow in his footsteps.”

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James started removing rubbish as he walked to school more than 12 months ago.

His mum, Julia, said: “He would pick it up with his hands and then he was given a litter picker by a friend.

“When he was seen by police officers, they told me they had been trying to get residents in the area to help keep the neighbourhood tidy but to no success.

“What he has shown is all about respecting where you live and respecting each other. I’m ever so proud of him.”

Julia sent a letter and map to EDDC of the routes she would take with James asking for help in keeping the area tidy.

They responded by sending a team to litter pick, placed two bins near the school and provided the youngster with his own special litter picker.

A spokesperson for EDDC said: “This young man is setting an example to the Exmouth community, young and old, as to the way we should all treat litter.

“Of course if others didn’t drop litter there would be less for our StreetScene team, and James, to pick up.

“We are pleased to have provided an extra pair of litter bins near to Marpool School to encourage James’ fellow students to follow his impressive lead.

“We have presented him with a litter-picking tool to thank him for his efforts.”