Exmouth Rotary needs new memebrs - or charity work could suffer

THE president of the Rotary Club of Exmouth has warned that, unless members recruit new volunteers, the number of charity events held next year could be cut.

Dick Bishop wrote a Christmas message praising volunteers and members at the club.

But he urged current members to find new recruits and said: “As your president in the current year, I have observed that, as the club activity levels increase, greater pressure is placed on the members to participate in a series of events in our calendar, to enable us to fulfil our busy programme.

“And unless, at some stage, we make a concerted effort to increase our membership, we shall no longer be able to provide the service to the community and beyond that we have done for many years.”

He said it was, unfortunately, a salutary reminder that they, as a group, would not be able to operate at the same level of activity for much longer, unless the club increased its membership.

“It is incumbent on each and every one of us to acknowledge that responsibility by looking for potential members to introduce to the club,” he wrote.