Exmouth residents evacuated as fire rages on

RESIDENTS have been evacuated after a fire raged through the garages at Victoria Way.

RESIDENTS have been evacuated after a fire raged through the garages at Victoria Way.

The fire which started at R and R Garages, on Victoria Way, was called in just after 1pm, on Friday, February 13, spreading rapidly through the neighbouring garages as the fire crews struggled to keep it under control.

Residents were hurried out of their homes on Victoria Road and Camperdown Terrace with the police cordoning off an area of 200m.

The fire is thought to have been confined to the one building now but is still raging and police have said residents could be kept from going back to their homes for seven hours.

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Lisa Rosie, of Victoria Way, was standing in her backyard with her child when she saw the huge explosion that almost knocked her over.

She ran out and saw the blaze reaching as high as the lampposts.

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She said: "The explosion rocked the back of the house and filled it with smoke straightaway.

"I just grabbed my dog and ran out not knowing what to do until the fire department and police arrived immediately evacuating everyone.

"It was horrific - this man who was walking by was knocked over by the blast, the car facing it was ablaze, it was the worse thing I have ever seen."

It is not known yet if any of the houses have been damaged.

There have been no casualties reported.

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