Exmouth resident’s anger at Royal Mail service

AN ANGRY Exmouth woman has hit out at Royal Mail for its mail redirection service set up for people who move property.

Sue Hamilton, 55, claims the service, which she paid �18 for after moving from Morton Crescent to Halsdon Avenue, has caused massive inconvenience with important letters, including bills and bank statements, still being sent to her old address.

The HR officer is particularly annoyed after she incurred a late payment fine for a bill which was sent to her previous home.

She said the service was ‘horrendous’ and believed Royal Mail had contravened the Trades Description Act.

“Luckily, I’m able to go round and check my mail at my old address which I’m doing twice a week,” she said.

“My car tax reminder has also gone there. They (Royal Mail) say they provide something which they just haven’t done.

“I’ve been on the internet recently and there are loads of similar complaints about their mail redirection service.”

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Ms Hamilton has written to Royal Mail asking for compensation, presuming they would reimburse her for the late payment bill fee.

She was told various checks were being made to ensure such problems did not happen again. But, she said mail has continued to be delivered to her old address.

Royal Mail apologised for the problem but refused to compensate Ms Hamilton because her late payment fee claim did not fall under their product compensation scheme.

Ms Hamilton said she was so incensed by the matter, she has also written in to the BBC Watchdog programme to complain about Royal Mail.

“I strongly suspect what has happened is in contravention of the Trades Description Act and the service offered is misleading as it doesn’t actually redirect all ones mail!”

On its website, Royal Mail claim the service is a ‘cost-effective way of continuing to receive mail when you move home or business, even if the move is temporary or overseas.”

Mail redirection is available for a period of one, three, six or 12 months from �7.64 a month.