Exmouth radio youngster hits airwaves - aged just 14

An Exmouth Community College student has started presenting on Bay FM at just 14-years-old.

A YOUNG Exmouth student has started a promising journey which could lead to him following in the footsteps of well-known radio presenters such as Chris Moyles or Scott Mills.

Marcus Savage has started regularly hitting the airwaves at Bay FM, Exmouth’s local community radio station – aged just 14.

The youngster is currently co-presenting the online youth programme on Saturday mornings, between 9am and 12noon.

The show is part of Bay FM’s extensive online service which features topical discussions and music.

Marcus said: “It’s great to have the chance to develop my skills and be an integral part of the community.”

He added: “I really enjoy doing the show and having banter with my co-presenter and guests.”

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Dale Powis, who co-presents ‘Saturday Morning with Dale and Marcus’, said: “The show is a great chance to let youth have their say in their town and deal with the real issues youths face in our local area.

“We have already dealt with issues, including exam pressure, skate parks and the local music scene.

“We are hoping to include many more contentious issues that youth are rarely able to comment on.”

If you would like to listen to Marcus’ show, or for more information on Bay FM, visit the following website address at: www.bayfm.co.uk