Exmouth police warn of opportunist car thieves

Exmouth police are warning car owners to be aware opportunist thieves have been operating in the area.

A spate of criminal damage to cars in Exmouth has prompted the police to warn drivers against opportunist thieves.

Officers said they have received a number of reports of criminal damage being carried out on cars parked in the town centre.

The police are reminding car owners against leaving valuables and cash on display to tempt opportunist thieves.

Police community support officer Karen Capey would like to hear from anyone with information about vehicle damage.

PCSO Capey said: “There has been a spate of criminal damage to vehicles parked in and around the town centre over the last few weeks.

“Vehicles have been scratched while parked in Marpool Hill and Ashleigh Road, or had wing mirrors broken off.

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“There have been incidents reported of theft of registration number plates from vehicles in the Colony area and, in some cases, these have not been found.

“There have also been a number of thefts from cars whist they are parked and unattended, and goods not recovered.”

If you witness a vehicle being damaged, contact the police immediately on 999.