Exmouth police warn of dangers of alcohol

Exmouth police are highlighting the dangers of excessive drinking in a bid to crack down on crime.

Officers are urging people to be aware of the consequences of drinking excessively during the summer months and have launched a campaign to help drive their message.

The town’s neighbourhood beat team’s One More Drink Could Change Everything campaign highlights how one drink too many could change a person’s attitude and behaviour during a night out.

The police said those who were not drink-aware often suffered the repercussions of their actions when the outcome of their night was drastically changed.

In a bid to combat this, Devon and Cornwall Police have revealed a number of safe drinking tips.

Sergeant Phil Godfrey, of the Exmouth neighbourhood beat team, said the aim was not to spoil the public’s evening, but to boost their safety.

He said: “We want everyone to enjoy themselves over the summer months.

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“We are not telling people not to drink, but just reminding them that alcohol can dramatically change their behaviour, which can often result in them doing something they may not do whilst sober.

“We want people to remember that one drink too many could change their night, and the repercussions of their actions could lead to a criminal record.”

Sgt Godfrey said alcohol played a ‘significant’ factor in violent crime and antisocial behaviour across Devon and Cornwall - and that it could be linked to nearly half of all violent crimes committed.

Devon and Cornwall Police’s tips for staying safe and having fun during the summer months are:

l Don’t try to keep up with friends who can drink more than you

l Always walk away from trouble

l Eat before you go out to reduce the effects of alcohol

l Drink water regularly during the evening

l Always keep your money and mobile with you

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