Exmouth police warn against anti-social behaviour

Youths who drink alcohol then stray onto a seafront building site are being warned by the police they face punishment if caught.

The message comes from officers following a number of reports received by police from residents living near the Gunfield Gardens area of town.

Officers at Exmouth said they had dealt with ‘numerous’ alcohol-related incidents in the gardens, and young people attracted to the bowling alley construction site.

The police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after graffiti was scratched into metal cladding on the site adjacent to Gunfield Gardens.

Officers said the damage was caused during the weekend of August 6.

Police community support officer Malcolm Maguire said local residents becoming the ears and eyes of the police were helping officers tackle the problems.

He said: “It has been positive to note that local residents have helped by ensuring a call is made to us as and when incidents occur.

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“Exmouth officers have dealt with numerous alcohol-related incidents in Gunfield Gardens.

“Officers would like to remind young people not to trespass on this site for their own safety, and to ensure no crimes are committed.

“We have dealt with a number of young people previously who are attracted to the site.”

If you have any information about the criminal damage, contact the police on 08452 777444, quoting crime reference KE/11/2103.