Exmouth police to crackdown on underage drinkers

Exmouth police are to increase patrols in Brixington following reports of an increase in underage drinking.

Police patrols are to be stepped up in Brixington in a bid to clamp down on underage drinking.

Exmouth police said dog walkers exercising their pets in Brixington Park have reported an increase in youths drinking alcohol and leaving broken glass on the ground.

Officers are to increase patrols and are appealing to residents to report any anti-social behaviour, including underage drinking.

Police community support officer Chris Ball said: “We will not tolerate youngsters drinking and ruining areas that are used by children, families and dog walkers - causing unnecessary damage to a well-used public area. Anyone encountered by the police will be dealt with firmly and robustly.

“I would ask everyone to assist as much as possible to help keep this area trouble free.”

If you have any concerns about anti-social behaviour in Brixington, or underage drinking, contact Police Community Support Officer Chris Ball on 0845 6565 048 or email christopher.BALL3@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk

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Immediate concerns can be reported to the police on 08452 777 444.