Exmouth police tackle thefts from cars

‘Don’t leave valuables in cars’ - that is the message from Exmouth police who are keen to crackdown on the number of thefts from vehicles. Officers say cars have been targeted because valuables have been left on show.

Officers are appealing for witnesses to come forward to help officers trace the culprits responsible.

Police community support officer Colin Balch said: “We have also noted an increase in the amount of valuables being left on clear display in unattended vehicles.

“We strongly advise vehicle owners to leave articles out of sight or better still if possible don’t leave them in an unattended vehicle.”

A purse was stolen from a handbag left on the front seat of a car parked in Clinton Square as the owner was unloading the vehicle. Crime reference KE/10/2539.

A second purse containing cash and credit cards, which was stolen on September 30, was found dumped in Strand Court with half the money missing.