Exmouth police tackle Hulham Road speed concerns

CONCERNS have been raised to Exmouth police over the speeds vehicles travel along Hulham Road.

CONCERNS have been raised to Exmouth police over the speeds vehicles travel along Hulham Road.

After receiving reports traffic frequently exceeds the 30pmh limit, officers have been monitoring travelling vehicles and passing the information onto the county council in a bid to curb the problem.

Taxi firms using the road in the early hours of the morning have been contacted by the police, asking drivers to kill their speed.

Police Community Support Officer Stuart Penny said a meeting had been called by Halsdon Residents Group to discuss the issue with Stuart Hughes, councillor holding roads profile for East Devon, and also Nigel Frost, highways superintendant, but neither were able to attend.

PCSO Penny said: "We did receive a letter from Area East Highway Management stating that a meeting of Speed Compliance Action Review Forum (SCARF), held in November 2009, concluded that there was a good level of compliance with the speed limit, although due to a number of traffic collisions being reported, the road would continue to be monitored.

"Halsdon Residents Group will now pass this to Exmouth Local Action Group for a further assessment. "

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The police said they had previously teamed up with the fire service, stopping motorists failing to wear seatbelts, speeding or using mobile phones behind the wheel, showing them a short film highlighting the results of road accidents.

Collisions peaked in 2007 but have since fallen since, the police said.

Speed checks carried out in Hulham Road on January 23 2010 revealed:

* 54 vehicles travelled 20 - 24mph

* 86 vehicles travelled 25 - 30mph

* 36 vehicles travelled 31 - 34mph

* One vehicle travelled in excess of 35mph.

Officers said two verbal warnings were issued by the roads policing unit on January 26.

And information collated on February 1 revealed the highest recorded speed was 32 mph.

The police revealed the average speeds travelling along Hulham Road in 2009 were:

* August - 27.5 mph.

* September - 28.9 mph

* October was 26.6 mph

Police speed traps in 2009 resulted in:

* October - three drivers receiving fixed penalty tickets

* December - three fixed penalty ticket and more than 13 verbal warnings.