Exmouth police respond to car damage

A drunken man who damaged a car while it was parked in Exmouth’s High Street was immediately dealt with by the police.

Officers who witnessed the criminal damage being committed ordered the man to repair the damage through an Adult Restorative Disposal Order.

Police community support officer Karen Capey said the order focused on the victim and resulted in a positive outcome.

PCSO Capey said: “A Restorative Disposal Order uses restorative techniques to allow a person to repair the harm caused from committing an offence by encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions at the scene of the offence.

“They are a quick and easy response to some peoples’ low level offending, allowing officers on the street to deal with the offence at the scene of the crime in an appropriate and proportionate manner.

“They can be issued to adults aged 18 and over at any stage of their offending – provided they have not received any convictions or other disposals within the last two years.”