Exmouth police patrols curb anti-social behaviour

Stepping up police patrols at a Littleham trouble hot-spot for crime and anti-social behaviour is proving successful.

The police said positive progress was being in Mountain Close - a month after the Journal reported residents’ lives were being made a misery thanks to the ‘living hell’ imposed by thugs repeatedly vandalising and burgling properties.

Officers at Exmouth said an increase in police patrols had curbed anti-social behaviour and crime.

Police community support officer Malcolm Maguire said the police would not be taking their foot off the pedal when it came to tackling crime in the area.

He urged anyone who witnessed any level of crime, vandalism or unacceptable behaviour, to immediately contact the police.

PCSO Maguire said: “There have been no reports of anti-social behaviour, burglary or criminal damage in Mountain Close this month. We have ensured a high level of high visibility patrol at all times.

“This level of policing will continue for the foreseeable future.”

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Contact the police with concerns or information on 101, or dial 999 for an immediate response.