Exmouth police crackdown on anti-social behaviour

Exmouth police have spent the summer stamping out anti-social behaviour in the Colony. The crackdown was the result of an increase in anti-social behaviour being reported by residents in Salisbury Road.

Over the summer the police received an increase in reports of anti-social behaviour being committed in Salisbury Road.

In a bid to stamp out the behaviour, officers worked closely with those who were targeted, and their neighbours, and identified five culprits.

Exmouth police have revealed they plan to start an anti-social behaviour process – starting with issuing letters to those responsible.

Police community support officer Colin Balch said: “The whole process begins with what we call a ‘first letter’. This is a letter to the offender or in this case as children are involved their parents or guardians.

“In the letter we outline what has happened and how that behaviour is not acceptable to us and to the community. The letter is a warning and in most cases sufficient to stop any further problems.”

If the problem persists, the police issue a stronger-worded, second, letter then draw up an ‘acceptable behaviour contract’ if the culprit continues to offend.

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The police work in partnership with the East Devon District Council anti-social behaviour officer (ASB).

PCSO Balch said: “As part of the process the offender is invited to a meeting with us and the ASB officer who will draw up a contract with the offender in which we outline what we consider to be acceptable behaviour and what is not.

“The offender is invited to sign the contract and agree to its content. We can, if the problem warrants it, jump from the first letter to an acceptable behaviour contract.

“If after this the offender carries on with their actions we gather all relevant information and proceed towards an Anti Social Behaviour Order.”