Exmouth police clampdown on roadside car sales

Exmouth police are clamping down on cars being sold in Salterton Road and have teamed up with Trading Standards in a bid to curb traders.

Exmouth police have teamed up with Trading Standards in a bid to crackdown on cars being sold on the roadside.

The move comes following an increase of cars for sale in Salterton Road, the police said.

Littleham neighbourhood police team have been working closely with Trading Standards, investigating the increasing number of vehicles for sale on the public highway.

Police community support officer Malcolm Maguire said: “Under the Clean Neighbourhood Act private individuals are permitted to sell vehicles but a large number of vehicles are appearing along the Salterton Road and we along with our partner agencies will be working together to act on any individuals who are trading.

“We have been approach numerous residents expressing their concern that the vehicles are becoming obstructive and a hindrance.”