Exmouth Rowing Club and Exmouth NCI jubilee race

exmouth beach

Exmouth National Coastwatch Instuition station manager Ivor Jones with Exmouth Mayor Steve Gazzard and the Exmouth Rowing Cub. - Credit: Zan Nye.

The Exmouth National Coastwatch Instuition (NCI) celebrated the Queen's Jubilee with a station open day on Exmouth Esplanade. 

On Thursday, (June, 2), Members of the public were invited to see some of the work undertaken and the equipment used as well as meet the watchkeepers and learn about how NCI operates as part of the UK search and rescue structure.

Messaging leaflets about water safety, safety wristbands and quizzes were distributed to children and adults and our water safety team talked to children and parents on the beach. 

On Saturday, Exmouth NCI was delighted to support a Jubilee race competition by our friends in the Exmouth Rowing Club.

The races were Jubilee themed and the boats raced parallel to the beach. Great efforts were made in disappointing weather conditions, but everyone enjoyed the event. The winners of the competitions were presented with the trophy sponsored by National Coastwatch Exmouth and our Station Manager, Ivor Jones, was delighted to welcome Councillor Steve Gazzard, the Mayor of Exmouth, who kindly attended the presentation

If you are interested in volunteering as a watch-keeper at NCI Exmouth you can find out more here - www.exmouthcoastwatch.co.uk