Exmouth mum and daughter prepare for extra special Christmas

CHRISTMAS Day promises to be extra special this year for one Exmouth family.

Michelle Chudley, of Marcom Close, and her mum, Sue Sellek, both celebrate milestone birthdays on December 25.

Mrs Chudley, who works as a pre-school leader at Little Otters in East Budleigh, turns 40 and her mum will mark her 60th birthday.

“It is definitely a unique thing for us both to be celebrating our birthdays on Christmas Day but we have never known anything different and have got quite used to it over the years,” said Michelle.

“I was very lucky at a young age because my mum would always make a distinction between my birthday and Christmas.

“There have been times when I have been treated like the queen and spoilt rotten!”

Michelle said she enjoys sharing her special day with her mum.

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“Mum and I have always been very close,” she added.

“We often go shopping together and both take part in Exmouth Musical Theatre Company.”

Undeterred by turning 40, she said: “I think I had more trouble turning 30 to be honest.

“I’m not worried about it – after all, they say that life begins at 40 don’t they.”

Sue said she wasn’t due to give birth to Michelle until a few days after Christmas Day.

“It has been great being able to share and celebrate our birthdays together but it is one of those things that you get used to.”

She joked: “We’ve managed to get into a bit of a system over the years of when we open our presents to differentiate from the Christmas gifts and festive celebrations.”