Exmouth local set to brave the shave for friend Simon

Carole Hull set to brave the shave

Carole Hull set to brave the shave - Credit: Submitted

An Exmouth resident is set to brave the shave for her friend who was diagnosed with throat cancer last Autumn. 
Carole Hull will have her almost 14-inch locks shaved on Saturday, August 7 at 12 noon, in the window of her local Cancer Research UK shop. 
When she first heard about her friend Simon’s diagnosis, the 65-year-old was determined to do her part. She said: “I saw red. I hit that wall where I just thought – I can’t take this anymore. I have to do my bit. 
“I felt anger. I thought to myself, ‘why has Simon got cancer?’” He’s the linchpin for why I’ve decided to do this.” 
Simon has since recovered from his diagnosis, but Carole wants to send a serious message about the severity of cancer, in all its forms. “It’s like locusts flying over humanity, spreading their hideous greed by devouring our good selves and leaving a trail of destruction,” she said. 
“I’m hoping to have a serious face on to get the message across.” 
The shave has been postponed for almost nine months due to repeated COVID-19 lockdowns, which means Carole’s hair is now long enough to be utilised in a wig for someone diagnosed with cancer. 
She hopes to raise at least £1,500 towards Cancer Research UK’s lifesaving work in finding new treatments for cancer across the UK. 
Cancer Research UK Shop manager Darryl Hagley, said: “Carole has been a regular customer here at the Exmouth shop and when she said she wanted to undertake a head shave, we wanted to support her as much as we could.   
There will be a bucket collection on the day, and we would welcome people to come and watch from outside as she has her hair shaved off for all to see in the shop window.” 
The shave is set to be carried out by Kieran, Theresa and Charlie of Enigma Barbers in Exmouth. 
In the last 40 years, cancer survival in the UK has doubled and every day we’re learning ways to better treat, diagnose and prevent cancer. Find out more www.cancerresearchuk.org  

Carole Hull head shave for Cancer Research UK

Carole Hull head shave for Cancer Research UK - Credit: Submitted

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