Exmouth litter group hits the streets for clean-up operation

A LITTER conscious group helped tidy up parts of Exmouth last weekend.

Ten volunteers from Exmouth Tidy Group went rummaging for mess on Saturday morning, removing litter from near Pound Lane, up to Brixington Lane and in the surrounding road including in and around Spiders Lane.

The group also concentrated on the Valley Park area.

Alan Southerland, treasurer of the tidy group, said: “The Valley park is a popular area for locals to play and walk.

“It provides a large area of open green space in the predominantly built up northern part of our town.

“There are litterbins at each entrance but it is unfortunate that some people seem incapable of carrying their litter to them.”

Mr Southerland added: “The areas of the park that particularly needed attention were amongst the bushes and along the stream which had become unsightly with lots of dropped litter and abandoned rubbish.”

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The tidy group collected eight bags of litter along with an umbrella, a car battery and several metal plastic sheets.

The group would like to thank Streetscene for helping by collecting the litter bags at the end of the morning.

If you are interested in joining the Exmouth Tidy Group, their next meeting will be on Tuesday January, 18 at 7pm in the Town Hall.