Exmouth library: valuable resource

regarding your article “Library set for self-service”.

I believe that the Exmouth Town Library provides an invaluable resource centre, not only to borrow books from, but in terms of internet access and also to borrow CDs and DVDs.

Internet access is provided free to jobseekers, which is of great benefit to individuals, as most companies expect you to apply online for the jobs which they are offering. Exmouth Library is the only place which I can think of that provides this service and I have personally used this facility.

The proposed self-service facility is a good idea, provided the public know how to use this system and that there is a library assistant on hand to ask for advice - definitely at peak/core times identified in the survey.

There is a telephone facility, which currently deals with book renewals. Perhaps this could be extended to deal with book reservations or computer bookings?

I also was under the impression that the Exmouth Library’s location was under review. If money is to be invested into the new self-service technology, then it should remain in its current position.

Gail Tanton

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