Exmouth's 'kite twins' triumph in national freestyle championships

Young boy doing kitesurfing stunt

Teenage kitesurfer Archie Luxton in action. - Credit: Terry Luxton

Two teenage twins from Exmouth with a passion for kitesurfing have come first and second in the British Freestyle Championships. 

Archie and Alfie Luxton, both aged 13, came top in the under-14 class of the competition last month, despite having taken up the sport only two years ago. 

Young boy doing kitesurfing stunt

Teenager kitesurfer Alfie Luxton in action. - Credit: Terry Luxton

Their love for the sea runs in the family; their mother Ruthy is a swimming teacher and their father Terry is a former champion windsurfer.  

Ruthy said: “They were water babies from a young age and by the age of nine when they got in to surfing, they were very strong swimmers.  

“Their love of the sea grew stronger and stronger with Terry having to take more and more time out of work to drive them to Cornwall or north Devon, it’s very seldom we get good surf here in Exmouth. So we eventually let them give up all their after-school clubs and focus on the sea. 

“At the age of 11 they had a little go at kitesurfing with Edge Watersports’ youth academy. They quite quickly fell in love with it and after only three months they got some amazing sponsorship with Slingshot.  

“Exmouth is absolutely perfect for kitesurfing, we have the estuary and the sea to kitesurf at different tide and wind conditions. 

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“They manage to get out on the water as much as they can around their dad’s work schedule as a plasterer. He goes out with Alfie and Archie every time so that he can rescue their kites when they’re trying new tricks, and he can film and photograph everything.”          

 “After only two years of kiting, Archie is incredible at his kitesurfing freestyle - his determination is beyond anything Terry and I have ever seen.  

Young kitesurfer in the sea with his board

Archie Luxton, teenage kitesurfer - Credit: Terry Luxton

“Alfie is also fantastic at freestyle but he has also been very successful at trying out foiling, winging and surf foiling, he has a fantastic diversity.” 

Young kitesurfer in the water

Alfie Luxton, teenage windsurfer - Credit: Terry Luxton

“We love watching our boys progress more and more, watching them land new tricks and catching it all on camera, seeing the achievement on their faces, is totally priceless.  

 “We are the proudest parents ever and love being a massive part of their journey.” 

Young kitesurfers at prizegiving for winning national freestyle championships

Archie and Alfie Luxton at the British Freestyle Championships prizegiving. - Credit: Terry Luxton

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