Exmouth is a 'flagship' town and 'envy of East Devon'

EXMOUTH'S town manager is doing a brilliant job and as a result the town is the envy of East Devon and a flagship town.

EXMOUTH'S town manager is doing a 'brilliant' job and as a result the town is the 'envy of East Devon' and a 'flagship' town.

Exmouth town council has hailed town manager Tony Collins a hero for successfully leading the town through the recession - and as a result of his accomplishments has extended his contract for a further three years.

Mr Collins has been praised by the council for attracting national names to open in the town at a time when many businesses were scarpping stores to save money.

Exmouth's mayor, councillor Darryl Nicholas, said he believed the town manager's success and drive would have a knock-on effect on attracting other national names to start trading.

Cllr Nicholas said: "They will see it's a progressive area and one they will want to invest in.

"Something is going on and it doesn't happen by accident - and part of that is down to the town manager."

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While most towns throughout Devon and beyond are struggling with falling revenue, and failing businesses, Exmouth is on the up and bucking the trend, the town council has revealed.

The council said the town's economy was 'strong' - and the proof could be seen in the number of new businesses and national chains moving into the town.

The members said it was thanks to the tireless work, 'drive and enthusiasm' of Mr Collins, and his team, that Iceland, Lidl and Costa Coffee had been drawn to Exmouth at a time when many large chain names were choosing not to invest in small towns.

The council said it was down to the structure put in place by Mr Collins that had attracted the big names to set up in Exmouth.

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