Exmouth salutes its 'town of flowers' award winners

Exmouth in Bloom winners celebrate their success

Exmouth in Bloom winners celebrate their success - Credit: EIB

Around 80 local residents were  joined by Exmouth’s mayor and town crier at Sun Lodge to spend a wonderful evening, generously sponsored by Kings Garden and Leisure Exmouth,  celebrating Exmouth in Bloom’s successes in this their Golden 50th Anniversary year.

Exmouth in Bloom  are very proud to announce that Exmouth has once more retained its reputation as the Town of Flowers with their 19th South West in Bloom  Gold Award in succession, since the RHS took over the competition in 2001.

In addition they received two  special discretionary awards: The Budge Shield for the Best Utilisation of Social Media, which was presented by honoured guest, Bloom judge /mentor Christine Fraser, to Marion Drew. She also presented the South West in Bloom Alf Crouch Memorial Trophy to Exmouth in Bloom’s Secretary Sharon Darton. The award recognises and appreciates the exceptional work and outstanding services that Sharon provides to the ‘Bloom’ cause.

Christine went on to present 11 South West in Bloom ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ (IYN) awards. Congratulations go to them all for their exceptional work to achieve such excellent results. They are: Hamilton Road Allotments (Outstanding), Lambeth Walk Local Community Project (Outstanding), Summerleaze Residential Care Home (Thriving), Madeira Bowling Club (Outstanding), The Swan Project (Outstanding), Bystock Pools and Mindfulness Trail ( Outstanding), Manor Lodge Residential Care Home (Thriving)Waverley Road Community Lockdown Gardens (Thriving), Bicton Inn and Immediate Area (Outstanding), The Waterwheel Project (Thriving), Littleham Cof E Primary School Gardening Club (Thriving).

The Local Gardening Competition Awards followed with Exmouth Mayor, Councillor Steve Gazzard presenting the certificates,  cups and winners vouchers from Kings Garden and Leisure

There were nine classes this year, judged during July, all of which had to be viewable from the pavement due to Covid restrictions. There were 103 entries in total.

The Exmouth in Bloom Committee would like to thank and congratulate  everyone who entered  and  those who worked so hard to  make this event such a success.

Most Read

Results: Class 1. Hanging Basket/ Containers - Highly Commended: L. Robinson Pratt; Silver: A. Mortimer and N. Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Huntley, Exmouth House, J. Collier-Marsh; Silver-Gilt: A.Sleeman, A. Holman, C. Emms, P.Abbott; Gold:  E.Tant Manor Lodge, Strand Inn, C.Ashby-Crane, C. and L. Pearcey, P.West. Class Winner: S.Rich.

Class 2. Edible Basket or Border - Gold: Scott Drive Church / Esteem Team; Class Winner: A. Urquiza,

Class 3. Front Gardens under 4m - Highly Commended:   S.Woodbridge,  L.Wheeler, S.Wall, A.Urquiza, E.Tant, K. and B.Smith, A Mortimer and N.Cox, S. and M. Jepps, M.Hartley, E Drinkall, I. Allchurch; Silver: L.Robinson Pratt, J, McDonnell, Mr. and Mrs Huntley, R Eglington and A Stewart, L.Cook, J.Brown, C. Ashby-Crane; Silver-Gilt: P.Abbott; Gold: A.Holman, C Reeves, C.Emms; Class Winner: S. Dombkowski.

Class 4. Front Gardens over 4m - Highly Commended: C.Strong, Mr and Mrs Coole, A. Sleeman; Silver: Manor Lodge, M. Holman; Gold: P.West, R. and W. Davies; Class Winner: S. Rich

Class 5. With Wildlife in Mind - Silver: S Wall; Silver-Gilt: L.Robinson-Pratt. Exmouth House; Gold: A Urquiza, S.Rich, N.Bond C.Strong, R Johnson; Class Winner: Mr and Mrs Coole.

Class 6. Display in an Unusual Recycled Item - Highly Commended: S.Wall, A Urquiza, S.Rich, Exmouth House, L.Cook, J.Collier-Marsh, P.Abbott; Silver: A. Sleeman C and L Pearcey; Silver-Glt C.Reeves; Gold: H.Taylor,  D.Clarke; Class Winner: A. Brockbank (Bicton Inn)

Class 7. Business Premises - Gold: Cats Motel, Bicton Inn; Class Winner:  Strand Inn.

Class 8. Residential Homes - Silver: Exmouth House; Gold: Manor Lodge; Class Winner: Summerleaze

Class 9. Community Effort - Gold: Scott Drive Church, Rope Walk, Waverley Road Community Lockdown Gardens, Bicton Inn; Class winner: Madeira Bowling Club;  Runner-up: S. Dombkowski; Winner: Strand Inn

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