Exmouth hotel to mark 200 years

Staff from the popular Royal Beacon Hotel in Exmouth will mark the 200th anniversary of the property this month.

HOSPITALITY staff are getting ready to pop open the champagne in anticipation of the 200th anniversary celebration of Exmouth’s Royal Beacon Hotel.

A charity casino night will be held to mark the landmark occasion on Friday, October 15.

Paul Nightingale, who has been the owner of the Royal Beacon for nearly 10 years, said: “It is quite a milestone for a hotel to have been running continuously for 200 years.

“We are all very much looking forward to marking the anniversary.”

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The famous Exmouth property was constructed in 1810, initially trading as the Marine Hotel become changing its name to the Royal Beacon in 1844. This was after a visit from the King of Saxony, Frederick Augustus II.

The hotel’s royal connection was further enhanced by the occasional visit of both The Prince of Wales, before he became King George IV, and his travelling companion, the Duke of Connaught.

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It has been documented that the King of Saxony compared the view in the hotel to that of Naples and Rio de Janeiro.

Mr Nightingale, who has researched into the Royal Beacon’s history, said the property had undergone a number of changes throughout the years.

“When it first opened, there were probably only half a dozen rooms, albeit of a large size. Back then in the 1800s, generally-speaking, I think it was ghastly expansive to stay in a hotel.”

The Royal Beacon, which has for many years displayed a version of the Royal Coast of Arms of King George IV, now has more than 50 rooms.

Miss Fanny Prouse, from London, was one of the first owners of the hotel. She purchased a 60-year lease of the property for just �2,250 in June 1893.

If you would like to join in on the anniversary celebration, admission to the casino night costs �25 per person which includes dinner and �10,000-worth of fun casino chips.

For more information, call (01395) 224488.

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