Exmouth green campaigners car message

ENVIRONMENTALISTS proved this week that it s still possible to shop for local food without using your car.

ENVIRONMENTALISTS proved this week that it's still possible to shop for local food without using your car.

Despite the soggy weather Xcycle members in a whirlwind 30 minutes visited 13 of the town's local food shops that are featured in Transition Town Exmouth's local food directory.

The outlets included B Natural and all three of the town's butchers, the two fresh fish shops, two bakeries, a couple of greengrocers and the Indoor Market.

The green shoppers bought a wide range of local produce, everything from local veg, rhubarb and strawberries to local cakes and local meat - and even a locally caught lobster.

"It wasn't at all difficult and shows it can be done," said Xcycle organiser Elinor Scott.

"We bought everything that you could need to keep you going for a few days. It didn't help that The Strand was all dug up, but it definitely proves you can get all you need in the local shops without a car."

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But she added that fitting panniers and baskets to your bicycle makes shopping easier by bike, and a rucksack is a near-essential.

"Some of our members were quite experienced at shopping by bike," says Elinor, "so we learnt a lot.

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