Exmouth Fun Park targeted by vandals

THE OWNER of Exmouth Fun Park has spoken of his frustration as the seafront business continues to be targeted by vandals.

Chris Wright, 41, is fed-up after nearly �1,000-worth of damage has been caused to features within the park as a result of five separate incidents in the last three weeks.

Fencing, trampolines, a slide roof and netting, benches and play equipment have all been damaged. Vandals also threw a miniature train into the lake.

Mr Wright believes the culprits are a gang of the same people.

He said: “You only have to come down here at night to see a large group of intimidating youths.”

Describing the type of vandalism, Mr Wright added: “The main damage has been to the trampoline where they have bent some metal to the perimeter of the frame.

“I believe, undoubtedly, that it is the same group who is behind the damage.

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“It’s hugely disappointing because it’s mindless vandalism. We have spent quite a bit of money putting in new equipment and then all this happens.

“We have upped our security patrols down here now and improved our CCTV but unfortunately it is a big site and it keeps happening. It’s demoralising as a business owner to come into work and find your site damaged.”

Mr Wright’s business has been targeted by criminals in the past.

But he said “I have never known the level of criminality to be as bad as this as this time of year.

“A lot of it seems to be related to alcohol. We regularly find bottles of cider left all over the place.”

Police are keen to trace the culprits. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police, quoting KE/11/497, or reference KE/11/508, on 08452 777444.

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