Freemasons help Ruairi get back on the road...

Ruairi Corr side by side tandem

Ruairi and a carer enjoying his new side-by-side tandem - Credit: Exmouth Freemasons

A young Exmouth man who suffers from a genetic illness can get back on the road thanks to a generous donation.

Ruairi Corr has Adrenoleukodystrophy, a condition that damages the membrane covering nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.

The condition has left him blind and hearing impaired, with complex medical needs. 

However, Ruairi was never without a love of life - and cycling in particular.

He could often be seen on the streets of Exmouth, riding a tandem along with a carer.

The cycling was not only fun for Ruairi, but also provided him with a vital means of exercise. 

But after developing epilepsy, Ruairi was no longer able to use the tandem, instead requiring a side-by-side version complete with a five-point harness to prevent him from suffering serious injury should he suffer an epileptic fit while cycling.

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Not to be deterred, Ruairi and his family set about raising the more than £9,000 needed to buy a new side-by-side tandem that would mean he could continue with his passion for peddling.

Yet after reaching more than £7,000, Ruairi's fundraising slowed.

His mum, Deirdre, got in touch with the Exmouth Freemasons and asked for their help.

Soon after, the group handed over £1,500, meaning Ruairi could finally back on the road, on his new bike.

Deirdre said: "It is absolutely brilliant and he loves it, so thanks (to the Exmouth Freemasons) so much for their kind sponsorship. 

"He is going to have so much fun on it and will be really good physio for his legs."

And his journey will not stop there - with another challenge planned.

"His next challenge? A Trans European 1,600-mile virtual cycle ride," said Deirdre.

The money was donated by lodges and chapters on behalf of Exmouth Freemasons and Peter O’Connor of Rolle/PMPT Lodges and David Bassett of Sun Lodge visited Ruairi and his family at their home and presented the donation to him.

Ruairi and his carer on the new side-by-side tandem