Exmouth Flog it! Friday afternoon

The second ‘flog it!’ TV show based at Exmouth Pavilion will be aired on Friday afternoon on BBC2.

Back in May hundreds of antiques fans attended an open valuation in front of the cameras by the show’s experts.

In total around 350 people attended and, according to the programme’s producers, the day saw so many exciting antiques being found that it could form the basis for several Flog It! episodes.

Exmouth Pavilion manager Simon Findel-Hawkins said: “People had some very interesting items with interesting stories, and we had good feedback from the BBC.”

Items included a Royal Doulton jug commemorating Charles Dickens, valued at �250-�300 and a 1920s cigarette lighter which was bought for pennies at a jumble sale and was valued at �300-�400.

The show will be aired at 4.30pm on November 4.