Exmouth firm issues winter warning to motorists

AN EXMOUTH firm is urging motorists to tread carefully this winter by carrying a few essential items with them and performing five minute checks.

Last year hundreds of motorists were left stranded due to the treacherous road conditions caused by the cold weather.

HIQ Exmouth on St. Andrews Road is calling on motorists to carry out simple tyre checks such as pressure and tread depth before setting out on journeys, in addition to carrying basic essentials such as a shovel, blanket, torch and de-icer.

Michelle Fisher, Goodyear’s brand manager, said: “Safety is even more important during the winter because of the higher risk of being involved in an accident due to wet and icy roads.

“Checking that your tyres are in good condition and carrying some winter essential items can ensure that you are prepared should the worst happen.”

HIQ Exmouth is offering motorists a free winter essentials kit containing a fleece blanket, de-icer and ice scraper when they purchase two or three Goodyear tyres.

Motorists purchasing a full set of Goodyear tyres will receive a deluxe winter essentials kit which includes an in-car phone charger and torch in one, in addition to the items in the standard winter essentials kit.

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Michelle added: “Tyres significantly contribute to the vehicle’s performance in winter, so it’s important to be equipped with quality tyres to ensure you’re ready for the hazardous weather conditions.”

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