Exmouth cyclists accused of arrogance

VISITING tourists have claimed that cyclists on Exmouth Seafront are arrogant and aggressive and dangerous to walkers.

VISITING tourists have claimed that cyclists on Exmouth Seafront are 'arrogant and aggressive' and dangerous to walkers.

Mr and Mrs White of Camberley Surrey are frequent visitors to Exmouth and stay up to four times a year.

But in a letter to the town hall they say they have become 'increasingly concerned at the safety and wisdom' of the mixed cycle lane and pedestrian walkway on the esplanade.

They are calling for the removal of the path before the beginning of the holiday season and said:"This mix...is absolutely unsuitable.

"Cycling should be confined to the road.

"A number of cyclists we have encountered are arrogant and aggressive if pedestrians stray into the cycle lane.

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"They cycle as if they have a singular right to do so.

"This scheme is ill thought out and is continuing danger to pedestrians.

"Exmouth relies on its visitors who contribute significantly to the local economy.

"...the council has a duty to work for the best interests of the town."

The concerns will be debated by the town council's general purposes committee on Monday.

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