Exmouth; credit cards are being copied

THE police have warned shoppers to keep their cash point numbers private after several people complained that their credit cards had been cloned and used.

And when shoppers are taking money at cash points if they notice anyone acting suspiciously they should immediately report it to police.

Police Community support Officer Karen Capey said this week several Exmouth residents had their cards used - despite them still being in their handbags or wallets.

PCSO Capey said: “All have stated that they have their cards in their procession at all times. The town centre policing team would like to raise awareness of this particular crime.

“Please when using cash points cover the keyboard if anyone is acting in a suspicious manner around you report it to the bank immediately.

“All banks have a fraud unit that will investigate the theft of cash from your bank accounts and your bank will re-reimburse your account.”

She added it was important to check all bank statements thoroughly: “The thieves use the card for small transactions initially and if gone unnoticed by the account holder they then use the card for larger payments.”

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She said although the Police do not investigate card crime of this sort it was important that they are informed so they can make the residents of Exmouth and surrounding areas aware.