Devon County Council launch consultation for residents parking in Exmouth


Map showing the boundary zone and the proposed parking permits around Exmouth. - Credit: Devon County Council.

A consultation has been launched on proposals to introduce parking permit areas in Exmouth.

Devon County Council is proposing to introduce five new parking zones around Exmouth town and there would be six different permit types - residents, visitors, essential visitors, business, trade and blue badge holders.

Zone A, around Egremont Road will be called a 'colonies area' with restricted residents parking permits, Zone B is around Withycombe Road,  Zone C is St Andrews road, Zone D is St Albion Hill, Zone E is Carter Avenue and will also have parking restricted to residents parking only and no waiting at any time.


Close up of the new restriction around Exmouth town. - Credit: Devon County Council.

“We knew the residents’ parking zones were coming, so now we’ll just have to suck it and see,” said a local resident who didn’t wish to be named. “I objected to the original proposals, but now I have no option other than to embrace these changes. I’m still considering my best options.  

“I can see that if you’re in a zone that has a high number of residents’ vehicles but a low number of residents’ parking spaces, you could be scuppered.

"However nobody knows for certain how this new scheme is going to pan out - or how well it’s going to be enforced - and it’s just speculation as to whether it will be a disaster or not.  

 "Let’s hope for everyone’s sake that the new scheme does work. Anything has got to be better than the farcical - and dangerous - situation that we currently have, with people parking higgledy-piggledy around the town, even on double yellow lines at night, and blocking access for emergency vehicles." 

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Devon County Council said a new residents’ parking scheme aims to ensure that residents will have priority to park within their own area and at the same time, take the needs of local schools and businesses into consideration.   

Residents have until August 24, to have their say on the Devon County Council website: