Exmouth consortium for new tourist information centre

THE CHAIRMAN of Exmouth’s chamber of trade would like to hear from any businesses interested in joining a consortium to help run a new tourist information centre.

It is planned to move the centre from its current location to a new Strand building – if planning permission is granted to build the �400,000 pavilion.

Nigel Wilkinson, from the chamber of trade and commerce, wants business people to contact him if they would like to get actively involved in both the planning and financing of the centre.

“We would like a commercial partner that will be a benefit to the town as a whole,” he said.

“We’re looking for businesses which are not yet involved in this consortium, but which would like to be, to write in to the chamber of trade and commerce.

“We are seeking people to get involved both in the planning and financing of the tourist information centre.”

Mr Wilkinson said it was hoped to rebrand the centre and give it a new name – the Exmouth Information Centre.

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The planned Strand building will also feature a caf�, bus shelter and performance area covering 30 sq m and 7m high.

Civic planners refused to back the pavilion at a town council meeting held last week.

Councillors voted seven to two, with one abstention, not to support the final part of the puzzle in The Strand’s �3.4 million refurbishment.

The plans will now be considered by district planners. It is likely to be debated at a development management committee at East Devon District Council on Tuesday, March 8.

Mr Wilkinson said responses were needed within the next two weeks for any businesses interested in getting involved with the tourist information centre. The deadline is February 28.

Any business interested should send a letter to Nigel Wilkinson, chairman of the Exmouth Chamber of Trade and Commerce, at the tourist information centre in Alexandra Terrace.