Exmouth Comprehensive - largest school reunion?

Two former Exmouth Comprehensive pupils are organising what they hope will be the largest school reunion. Garry Lewis and Harry Fowler are appealing to ex-pupils to get in touch ahead of the May 2011 event.

In 1995 ex-pupil Garry Lewis spent more than �900 tracing those who joined the school in 1972-77, bringing together around 300 ex-students and teachers.

Some 15 years later Garry has joined forces with ex-pupil Harry Fowler, of Priddis Close, Exmouth, and the pair is on a mission to hold the largest single year school reunion.

This time the pair hopes to bring together 500 former pupils and staff

With the aid of technology the organisers have been spreading the word via email and also the internet, where they have set up a Facebook page – Exmouth Comprehensive 1972-77.

The reunion is due to take place in Exmouth on May 28 2011, when most of the ex pupils will have hit their 50th birthday.

Garry and Harry have also been in touch with around 30 former teachers.

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They hope other ex-pupils will help them spread the word of the reunion.

Garry and Harry are currently planning next year’s timetable of events, which they will reveal closer to the date.

Ticket prices will also be set once numbers have been confirmed.

Garry, 49, who now lives in the Midlands, said he has not discounted holding a further reunion when people receive their bus passes

He said: “I am just a creature of nostalgia. I like to see people and what they have done. It’s all exciting.

“It’s a bizarre thing. When you were kids, you were kids, whereas now the people you didn’t get on with - all the animosity has dropped away so consequently you meet the real person.

“It’s nice to have a laugh about the cock-ups and it’s nice to see who’s had the most marriages, or most children!

“Some people have changed drastically. Some of the girls have changed dramatically and some of them look like they have never left school.”

At the last reunion pupils met in their original form rooms, then had an assembly before a fountain was presented to what is now known as Exmouth Community College.

The school was open for everyone to look around and reminisce, before the ex-pupils tucked into school dinners.

Last time ex-student Matthew Carter made the journey from Hong Kong to attend the reunion.

There are also ex-pupils currently living in New Zealand, Belize, France and Germany.

If you were a pupil at the school from 1972-77, are interested in attending the reunion, and have not already contacted Harry Fowler, get in touch on (01395) 267074, email hfex68@live.co.uk or visit the Facebook page.